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Established in 2002, our agency stands out with a dedicated approach and commitment to meeting all of our clients’ real estate needs.


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New Belgrade - Block 19a
1.000 €
/ mesečno,
17 € / m2
Kvadratura: 59 m2
Broj soba: 2.0
Sprat: 4
Vračar - Kneginje Zorke street, 3,0 rooms, lux
1.000 €
/ mesečno
14 € / m2
Kvadratura: 74 m2
Broj soba: 3.0
Sprat: 3
New Belgrade – Belville, 1,5 s, 45 m2 lux
700 €
/ mesečno, unapred do 30-og u mesecu za naredni mesec
16 € / m2
Kvadratura: 45 m2
Broj soba: 1.5
Sprat: 4

About us

Maximum client trust through a professional and responsible approach

LUX HOME BELGRADE Agency, with over two decades of experience, represents a reliable partner in the real estate market in Belgrade.


More than two decades of experience

Founded in 2002, our agency stands out with a dedicated approach and commitment to meeting all the needs of our clients regarding real estate.

Posvećenost klijentu

We strive to earn maximum client trust through a professional and responsible approach, thereby building long-term partnerships.


Our special working system – “bought and move-in ready” – ensures maximum security for our clients when investing their capital.

Full service

In the field of real estate transactions, we stand out with a unique approach - we exclusively deal with properties with clear titles, offering a "turnkey" sales concept (bought and move-in ready). This ensures our clients maximum security when investing their capital.


National Register

LUX HOME BELGRADE Agency takes pride in its place in the Register of Real Estate Agents for the Sale and Lease of Properties of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, registered under serial number 162 since May 18, 2015.


Legal security and support

In the realm of property leasing, we exclusively deal with reliable clients, providing full legal security and support throughout the entire leasing period. Our focus is on maintaining high standards and satisfaction for both property owners and tenants.


Property management

Lux Home Agency provides a unique service to property owners - property management under the concept of full service. This service is intended for property owners who rent out their property but are unable to fully and securely dedicate themselves to the rental business.

Special offer for landlords - property owners


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